Trade license in Dubai UAE

Trade license in Dubai UAE

The glorious city of Dubai, UAE has successfully retained its position in the global business market. It has provided many business opportunities to young starters to fully grown business organization. If you’re a foreign investor and want to set up a new business in Dubai, then you must comply with all the rules and regulation of Dubai government. One of the most initial steps is obtaining a Trade license as it reflects all the business activities that you can carry out in Dubai.

If a company wishes to import/export products or clothes like electronics, clothes, accessories, furniture, raw materials, etc. It can apply for a trade license in Dubai. If you have multiple trading activities then general trade license covers it all. Some products like Alcohol, medicines, guns, cars, etc are not included in the trade license, as they require some high-level authorizations and clearances from UAE municipals. Your business activities determine your approval from relevant authorities. For example:

  • Financial Institutions requires approval from Central Bank
  • Insurance agencies require approval from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce
  • Medical services require approval from Ministry of Health
  • Food-related services require approval from the Food Department of Municipal
  • Manufacturing firms require approval from Ministry of Finance and Industry
  • Education-related services require approval from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for handling the Trade license in Dubai, UAE. In some rare cases, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce is also involved in the registration procedure.

Benefits of Trade License in Dubai

There are tons of great benefits you can avail from a trading license in Dubai. Following are the highlighted ones;

  • The local and international trading
  • Hassle-free registration process
  • Auditing is not mandatory
  • Low Import duty
  • The wide range of banking facilities
  • No currency restrictions

Types of Trade License in Dubai

There are 3 types of trade license available in Dubai that you can register for. These are;

1. Commercial License

A commercial license is issued to the companies that are involved in trading activities. This generally includes all kinds of business activities. However, if you want to trade within the UAE, then the creation of Mainland Limited Liability Company will best suit you. For this, you’re required to have a local sponsor. If your business involves trading outside the UAE, then you can establish a company in Dubai Free Zones. In this case, you’re not required to have a local sponsor and you have complete ownership of your business. Free Zone companies can also partner with Mainland companies and sell their products and services with the country.

Business activities included in Commercial License are;

  • Import and Export
  • Car rental services
  • Electronics trading
  • Trading of raw material
  • Logistics firms
  • Brokerage firms

2. Industrial License

Industrial license is issued to the companies that are involved in the manufacturing of products. In order to obtain an industrial license, you’re required to have a physical office space in Dubai Mainland or Free zone.

Business activities included in Industrial License are;

  • Manufacturing of Furniture
  • Metal Casing
  • Packaging
  • Food products manufacturing

3. Professional License

Professional License is required by professionals, artisans, service providers, and craftsman. You’re required to have a local sponsor for this license but you have complete ownership of your business.

Business activities included in Professional License are;

  • Marketing and Management consultancy
  • Medicine related businesses
  • Information Technology companies
  • Law firms
  • Accounting and Auditing companies
  • Educational Institute

Documents required for trade license

The documentation required for trade license is different for every business activities. In a general way, the following documents are must required;

  • Licensed Application
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Company Name approval
  • Passport and Visa copy (for partners)

Process for obtaining a Trade License in Dubai

With a valid trade license, one can do business in Dubai. While submitting the request for trade license to the concerned authority, the following legal requirements are applicable;

  • Select your type of Business category
  • Decide your business-related activities
  • Fill the application for initial approval
  • Make a business plan
  • Approve your trading name
  • Submit the application to the concerned department
  • Select business premises and approval from the authority
  • Memorandum of Association and other legal documents, required by the authority
  • Pay the required charges and fees

Cost of Trade License in Dubai

The cost of a trade license is entirely dependant on the type of business activities you’re performing in the region. The initial cost of Mainland and Free zones are also different. The cost may include terms like;

  • Typing and Legal Translation of documents
  • Local Sponsorship fee
  • Consultancy fee
  • Business address registration
  • Local Sponsor’s Court Appearance
  • Application cost of the license

Why get a trade license in Dubai?

To get you started with the process, here are some good points that you should know.

  • The Application process is Easier
  • The setup cost is reasonable
  • You can set up your business anywhere you want
  • Low barriers for business expanding
  • Its easier to patron the dependents
  • It allows you to participate in government measures
  • Your business can do commercial activities

Apart from these, there are various financial and banking facilities available for personal and corporate purposes. One of the best advantages of having a trade license in Dubai is that you don’t have to pay any taxes. You can also apply for multiple visas once you meet the required criteria. A company with a trade license in Dubai can enjoy 100% repatriations of profits and capital. Due to these opportunities, businesses in Dubai has expanded to record-breaking measures.

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