Local Sponsor in Dubai

Local Sponsor in Dubai

Find the perfect and reliable local sponsor in Dubai for your business

One of the requirements for establishing a company outside of designated free zone areas in Dubai is the partnership of a local sponsor. According government regulations, foreign nationals who have gained residence status can put up their own establishment in a non-free zone area, if done in partnership with a UAE national or Emirati citizen. UAE nationals play the role of local service agent of the company, serving as its representative to the government.

More importantly, a sponsor can also connect you to resources, partners, and networks to help your business expand and grow. Partner with a sponsor who will drive your vision of success towards fulfilment with the help of Entrepreneurs Business Services UAE.

A structured & proven process for pairing businesses with the right local sponsor in Dubai

The type of local partner that you choose for your company can make an immeasurable difference in achieving corporate objectives. A local partner who understands the value proposition of your business and buys into the corporate philosophy can mobilise resources to ensure developmental measures are initiated in a timely manner. Furthermore, finding an Emirati who can actively participate in brainstorming processes can be immensely helpful, with their in-depth understanding of the local market.

Here at EBS, we will help you find the perfect partner for your business – one who has an understanding and an appreciation for what you have to offer. Based on the needs and requirements of your venture, we will launch a stringent qualifying process to identify the most appropriate potential partners for you. We understand clients have different budgetary allocations for this process. As such, we will strive to find candidates who fit your budget profile as well.

Keeping you updated every step of the way

We understand that business setup can be a strenuous activity. As a professional solutions provider, we will ease the burden of finding a local partner for your business, while keeping you in the loop through regular status reports. This way, you can keep on top of everything, while you grow your venture.

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