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Business Setup Dubai is a tеаm of rеgіѕtered professionals who аrе focused and market-oriented аbоut brіngіng the dreams оf аѕріrіng еntrерrеnеurѕ аnd SME’ѕ to life. Equally, we bеlіеvе in assisting you nоt only wіth уоur company’s written works and documentation, but аlѕо equipping you wіth thе necessary tools to develop, promote аnd expand your buѕіnеѕѕ. In this view, we аrе a unique business setup company which makes us different, and оur job does not еnd wіth thе іѕѕuаnсе оf уоur residency visa and trade license, it’s just a startup point for you.

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    Jan 10/2021

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  • Remote workers allowed to stay in Dubai for 1 year

    Jan 09/2021

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  • Trade License & Investor Visa Offer

    Jan 04/2021

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  • How to start a general trading company in Dubai

    Dec 31/2020

    Dubai’s strategic location is an ideal place for doing any kind of business activity with easy access to worldwide trade.

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  • How to Open a Software Company in Dubai?

    Dec 21/2020

    The software technology industry in #Dubai expanded over time, dubbing Dubai as the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. #UAE’s location and time zone makes the Emirates a great place to trade and collaborate with other global tech hubs, attracting several entrepreneurs to establish businesses within the software industry in Dubai.

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  • Why Should I Establish a Mainland Company?

    Dec 19/2020

    If you plan to do your #companyformation or #businesssetup in Dubai mainland, then you should get your company’s mainland license under the #Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).

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  • Zero Local Sponsorship Fee – 100% Owned Dubai Company

    Dec 15/2020

    If you are a foreign national or expat planning to setup a company in #Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, you probably think that #companyformation and #businesssetup will always require local sponsorship.

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  • Types of Business Entities in Dubai

    Dec 13/2020

    Dubai continuously attracts more business investors and entrepreneurs because of its excellent facilities and infrastructure.

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  • Best Business Consultant in Dubai

    Dec 10/2020

    With several business consultancy companies in #Dubai, how would you choose the best partner for your #businesssetup and #companyformation?

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  • Struggling to secure a job in the UAE? Why not start doing it by opening your own business?

    Dec 01/2020

    This year has been difficult for many job seekers worldwide due to the global crisis brought by #covid19. Many companies, whether local or international, had to lay off employees as a way of recovery.

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  • Dubai Will Welcome Tourists From July 7

    Dubai airports have opened recently: residents stranded abroad are coming back to UAE, also Emirates citizens and residents are permitted to travel overseas. At the moment destinations are split into three categories for these citizens and residents who are willing to travel. Certain conditions for
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  • Dubai is Set to Soft Mobility

    Within a short period of time, Dubai will complete the initial phase of a master plan for “soft mobility” to sustain the status of a smart city. Soft mobility refers to non-conventional transport such as shared bicycles and on-demand buses. The move is part of Dubai’s Road and Transport Aut
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  • US announces participation in Dubai Expo 2020

    The US Department of State has announced the country will be participating in the Expo 2020 Dubai. The statement pointed out that the US pavilion is made possible by "the generosity of the Emirati government" in recognition of the strong partnership between the two countries. "This is a histo
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We Work Closely With All Government Agencies

In UAE, more than 20,000 companies have been successfully certified by the Setup Dubai Business for over 15 years. Our connections with Dubai and UAE government organizations has grown stronger, and these connections have assisted our company in generating business setup clearances easily, also this assists you in setting up your company within 3 days. Being a licensed agent for Setup Dubai Business prides us and this has made this company outstanding for its quick, affordable and unfailing business setup remedies.

We works closely with all goverment agencies

When starting a new company setup, it is very important to understand dynamic in countries. Choosing the mainland or free zone has never been an easy task so it is necessary to understand all the legalities for starting a business. Questions like which emirates to choose? What is Sharia Law? What are the registration rules, as well as regulation for setting? Setup Dubai Business is prominent consulting company that offers complete services in field of finance, taxation, set up, accounting, legal compliances as well as other similar services. Our agency is driven by a team of specialists who are talented and motivated and believes in delivering superior results.

Our team mainly comprises the best innovation for your companies. Professional experts have years of experience in developing the whole process within the time limit. It is vital to understand that; business setup is a big responsibility so it needs the complete dedication financially, mentally and physically. When setting up your business, it is necessary to have clear idea about demand to get into race and market risks. Getting complete guidance from the top consultants would be great for setup.

Similarly, our innovative methodology and designs are combined with specialized industry knowledge that would automatically make your business meet the global reach. We anticipate new changes with making your business substantial, lasting and distinctive. Are you looking for setting the best open business? Our team of company setup experts developed intense capabilities based on different functions with the specialty segments making you to excel in the world.

With several years of experience, our company consultants bring you complete setup with our team playing the major role with more responsibilities. We work hard in providing our clients with the most unbiased professional advice, procedures, timelines and complete transparency in terms of costs. Our team is also well versed in setting up the open business with much establishment and complete support of infrastructure for guiding through challenges you face along.

Equally, Dubai is the top Geographical location for starting a new business. Dubai is considered as strategically favorite city and important location for setting offshore business. With the dynamic and fast changes in technology, many businesses are turning towards the global solution with the help of various consultant agencies.

We are trusted and largest new formation based on Dubai advisory consultant. Our professional agency helped more number of entrepreneurs as well as SMEs for setting up. We are specialized in all types of company registration from Onshore to Offshore and Free Zones. Our team also believes in providing the complete company’s documentation with equipping the necessary tools for promoting and developing with trade license application process. We are leading start up with the issuance of residency visa and trade license. Our geographical breadth with functional expertise also gives up scope with more scale and knowledge for address challenges. We are network of people who are passionate with solving every challenge to start business in Dubai, UAE.

We are the leading and top class company offering complete management assistance for everyone.Setup Dubai Business is well versed in offering the complete UAE for everyone who likes to start office setup, registration and formation. Prominent Free zone, offshore queries and Mainland formation is also complete with hiring the best establishment. Our team works with regulatory framework in UAE and also assists our clients across various groups. We are leading business consultants to offer complete assistance and services required for Bank account across leading banks. We would help not only in forming commercial space for you but also works on complete advisory model for making the companies.

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