Dubai Knowledge Village

Dubai Knowledge Village

Dubai has been a magnet for business and tourist attraction for the past decade, providing all the benefits that a person need. In fact, the tourism industry yet alone has brought millions of foreign investors in the country which has provided economic benefits for investors and government too. Locals on the other hand also play a major role in the development of the country. In the past decade, Students don’t consider the Middle East for their career development. Now everything is changed because of the state of the art universities and training institutes opened in Dubai. In order to promote High-Quality education system in the region, Dubai Knowledge Village was launched. Dubai Knowledge Village, also known as DKV is basically a country’s free zone where the main focus is to promote education in the region. Whether there are training institutes or education-related companies, you will find every related to this field in Dubai Knowledge Village.

Dubai Knowledge Village- An Introduction

Established in 2003, Dubai Knowledge Village is under the supervision of TECOM group. A businessman who is looking forward to promoting the education industry either its an institution or human resource management has found that Dubai Knowlege Village is the only free zone in the world that is designed to cater the country’s knowledge-based economy. Some of the famous universities Belgium, Canada, UK, Ireland, Russia, Iran, and Australia have established a separate branch in the DKV. Some of the famous institutions include the University of Wollongong, The British University and Eton Institute. With over 450 business partner, DKV has established itself as a business hub for professional development.

Business Setup in Dubai Knowledge Village

Business setup in DKV consist of easy steps, but don’t take this procedure for granted. There is a lot of professional consultancies required during the process. Business setup in DKV can be carried out by having a valid license and formation types. DKV based companies are licensed and registered by the Dubai Creative Cluster Authority (DCCA). A detailed procedure of company formation is provided below.

Benefits of Company formation in Dubai Knowledge Village Free Zone

  • 100% Foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of profits and capital
  • 0% Customs duty for goods/services
  • 100% exemption on a person and corporate tax (for up to 50 years)
  • An ideal business environment
  • 24/7 Visa services
  • Easy visa issuing procedure
  • Well-known local, global and regional institutes
  • A profitable operation environment
  • The simple company formation procedure
  • Fast-track immigration process

Business Activities Allowed in Dubai Knowledge Village Free Zone

It is important to check for business entities allowed in a specified free zone. The list of allowed activities at DKV are as follows:

  • Computer Science Training
  • Local/International Language Training
  • Fine Arts Training
  • Tutorial services
  • Occupational and Technical skills
  • Management development training
  • Skills development training
  • Content Development
  • Human Resource Consultancy
  • Freelancing and association
  • Training and Assessment

Types of companies formation in Dubai Knowledge Village Free Zone

1. Branch of Foreign/UAE Company
A branch is a legally dependent part of a Foreign/UAE parent company(No minimum Capital is required). It can conduct all the same business operation as a parent company. Documentation requirements are:

For Branch of a Foreign/UAE Company/Establishment:

  • Application Form
  • Business Plan
  • Certificate of Incorporation (Copy)
  • Manager of a proposed company (Visa and passport copies)
  • Legal representative (Visa and passport copies)

2. Free Zone Limited Liability Company
It is a separate legal entity established as shareholders/Individuals and/or Corporate entities. The capital requirement varies for each business activity.

For FZ-LCC Shareholder/corporate person:

  • Application Form
  • Business Plan
  • Certificate of Incorporation (Natural/Corporate person as a shareholder)
  • Shareholder and Manager of a proposed company (Passport copies)
  • Director(s) (Passport Copies)
  • Legal representative (Passport copies)

3. Freelancer
If you want to work as a sole proprietor for your business organization then Freelancer permit is best for you. It allows you to work as your own birth name as opposed to the brand name.

For Freelancers:

  • Application Form
  • Business Plan
  • Portfolio of the application
  • Personal reference letters (minimum 3 required)
  • Passport copy

After you have filled your application form and submitted it to the designated authority, it will take up to 4 weeks for approval. Once your application is approved, the authority will issue an initial approval letter for your business. Upon which you’re ready to choose your office space in DKV and decide whether you’ll require a regulated contractor. After this, your lease agreement will be prepared. Once all this procedure is done, you will be issued a valid business license with a spare capital certificate.

6-Step procedure for business set up in DKV Free Zone

Company formation in DKV is approved by Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority (DTMFZ). The 6-step procedure for company formation in DKV are as follows:

  • Fill the application form and submit it
  • Submit documentation for registration of your company
  • Sign the Customer Confirmation letter (CCL) and make the appropriate payments
  • Sign and return the Memorandum and Article of Association (MAA)
  • Deposit your share Capital
  • Lease (Sign) the personal Sponsorship agreement

Minimum Capital Requirement
Branch establishment (e.g, Schools and Universities) have no minimum capital requirements. FZ-LLC are required to have a minimum requirement of AED 50,000.

Our role in the business set up in Dubai Knowledge Village Free Zone

Setting up a business in Dubai Free Zone is a profitable venture for business owners and investors around the globe. Most of the free zones in Dubai has some sort of restriction for company formation, but DKV has a completely different business approach for company formation. DKV free zone provides Easy registration process, Leveraging on Shareholders, Infrastructural Benefits Fewer Licensing formalities.

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How to Set Up a company in Dubai Knowledge Village?

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