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How to Renew a Trade License in Dubai | Trade License Cost

October 22, 2019

If you’re wishing to set up a business in Dubai then you should have a trade license issued by the Department of Economic authority. Without a valid trade license, it is illegal to set up a business in Dubai and above all this, you will receive a heavy penalty. There are certain categories of business that requires special attention from different ministers.

For example, the educational business needs permission from the Ministry of Education, and manufacturing business requires permission from the Ministry of Finance and Industry.

In short, if you want to conduct a business setup in Dubai, you’re required to have a business license. Now two questions arise here: How to get a trade license in Dubai? and How to renew a trade license in Dubai?

We’ve talked in brief details on how you can get a trade license in Dubai. Let’s see how you can renew your trade license, what are the procedures and the appointed fee.

Trade License Renewal Dubai

Getting a general trade license in Dubai is a relatively simple procedure. Once obtained, the license is valid for 1 year in Dubai. After this, you’re required to renew your license. The renewal of trade license is valid for another 5 years.

Trade License Renewal Dubai – Procedure

Here is a list of all the documentation required during the renewal process.

  • Ejari Registration Certification
  • Photocopy of Trade License (Current)
  • Photocopy of Tenancy Contract
  • Passport copy of all business entities
  • A typed BR/1 form

Every business type has a separate list of documentation required.

Below mentioned are three simple steps required to renew a trade license in Dubai.

  1. Have a valid Tenancy Contract

The tenancy contract is attested by Ejari and should have a validity period of at least 1 month. If it’s not valid for one month, then you’re not qualified for the renewal process.

  1. Apply for a renewal license

Apply for renewal license at the Department of Development authority by collecting all the documents required. There are many medium from which you can apply. These include a mobile application, authorized service channels, e-Services, and authorized law firms.

  1. Payment

Once you’ve submitted all your documentation, the DED will appoint you a payment voucher. You can pay the payment through Dubai trade license renewal online payment. Immediately after the payment, you will receive your renewed license.

There are three procedures provided by the DED to renew trade license – Automatic renewal system, online procedure or offline procedure. The UAE governments have provided many benefits and ease of doing business in Dubai. But sometimes, handling these procedures acquires a tremendous amount of time.

One wrong step and your procedure will be stuck for a great amount of time. This is where our consultancy and company formation services come in handy. Setup Dubai is a professional firm that provides the right expertise for handling your Dubai economic department trade license renewal. If you have any questions regarding how to renew a trade license in Dubai, then feel free to contact us.

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