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August 08, 2020

The cost of setting up a business in Dubai depends on your business type, requirements, location. As an example, you may need to set up a company in the Dubai Mainland, or start a new business in one of the free zones (currently there are more than 40 Free Zones in UAE), or form an offshore company.

The types of licenses are different for each type of business setup. There are 3 types of licenses issued in UAE, which are: commercial, professional, and industrial licenses. Depending on your activity, there may be additional fees for activity and some require approvals from the government, that may be charged at a separate fee. There is as well a minor fee to get your company trade name approved by the ministry. However, names in Arabic are free, but certainly one would need a trading name in English and there is an additional fee for using a foreign name. A few more costs add up and form the total cost of a business license.

The great news is, Dubai offers endless opportunities and it starts from setting up your business here! With a tremendous number of options for new entrepreneurs, there are always offers and discounts when it comes to getting a license for your business! The costs as well can be paid in monthly installments.
For example, one of the leading Free Zones in Dubai, DMCC, offers 80% reduction on the total company setup fee if shareholders are residents of JLT (the district where this free zone is located) or up to 50% reduction on the total company setup fee, with an option to rent a Flexi desk for AED 222.

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