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Why Should I Establish a Mainland Company?

December 19, 2020

If you plan to do your #companyformation or #businesssetup in Dubai mainland, then you should get your company’s mainland license under the #Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). Having a mainland company provides advantages such as full freedom for your business as well as flexibility on where your company may be based. Setting up a mainland company means no restrictions on who you can trade with across Dubai or elsewhere in the #UAE. You will also have more business activities to offer under your mainland license. Additionally, a mainland company has more opportunity to grow and branch out further to multiple mainland locations across the Emirates.

You must note that setting up a company in Dubai mainland typically requires a local sponsorship. However, it will be possible to own 100% of the company if you establish a mainland company with a professional activity or focused on professional skills such as project management, accounting or technical services.

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