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Planning to Start Your Business in UAE?

September 20, 2020

Here are the most important steps for you to consider:
Select a local sponsor, a UAE national for local business startup. Your local Sponsor will be your closest Partner and Advisor for business.This is an advantage, as you will be introduced to the business community easily and your local Sponsor will help you to gain new clients, quickly adapting to the local environment, and developing your business more swiftly. In many cases, your local Sponsor would provide useful advice, practical information, or even help you with office premises, PRO services, and other staff
Select the most suitable location for your business that optimizes suitability, convenience, and costs – so that your customers or clients can reach you easily.
Confirm your official documentation that is required to run a business in UAE: Visa eligibility, bank account, insurance, etc. For a business startup in the UAE, a visa permitting you and employees to live in UAE is essential to run your business.
Make your strategy and company plans based on research, speak to officials, consultants, and professional advisors.
Choose a license category suitable for your business model and plan “milestones” for your company growth. The long-term strategy growth should be defined, knowing what assets you would require after 1-2-3 years of operations. The approximate budget must be set in advance.For any of the above, we can provide professional consultation. Please message your request and we will get in contact with more details.

Dubai is considered to be the best place to start a business – this has been achieved due to government and business united efforts. The reason that Dubai now is the number one destination for doing business – is consistent government support at all levels.

While the pandemic situation was eliminated in the UAE, the country is still following the strict measures for safety and health protection. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the UAE Government has successfully implemented various measures to deal with the impact of the pandemic on businesses, offering multiple programs and initiatives to make it easier for businesses to successfully go through the pandemic situation.

As a special Government Support to Businesses, Specific Measures For Start-Ups were offered with numerous discounts, encouraging Support from Banks & Financial Institutions. The UAE Government introduced the “Targeted Economic Support Scheme” and many other Government Measures. Along with these initiatives, there was Voluntary Support from Organizations and Business Coaches offered.

If you are planning to start your business in Dubai, then contact us today. We will support you through the journey to success in the UAE.

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