Who Is Eligible For UAE Three Year Visa?

February 02, 2020

1. Free Zone Visa holders. UAE has more than 45 Free Zones and visa requirements differ slightly from one to another. For example, RAK and Umm Al Quwain free zones offer 2-year visas for employees and 3-year visas for investors, company owners.

2. Government and Semi-Government employees.

3. Investors, partners and business establishment owners get a 3 years visas
The UAE Government is currently in the process of issuing long term visas for a 5-year and 10-year period to foreign investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, professionals, and outstanding students.

The figures shared by the officials indicate that more than 6000 applications were received for long-term visa processing since the announcement on the issuance of the long-term visa was made.

The recent announcement by UAE on issuing long-term Visas is to trigger foreign investment, retain talent, and offer a long term residence guarantee to the foreign investors and the expatriate population of the UAE.

By providing an attractive investment, technological development, legislative support, service and enabling environment that is the best of its kind in the region and globally, Dubai will soon become the world’s capital for business.

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