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Vision For Dubai As A World Leader In Business And Tourism

July 22, 2020

Dubai welcomes all residents and tourists back where the pleasant and safe environment was implemented at the highest standards. Up to 97% of public places are strictly maintaining all the health and safety regulations set by the local health authorities. Most of the businesses in the Emirates are ready to welcome visitors and business entrepreneurs.

Tourism contributes around 10% to UAE’s GDP and UAE government absolutely supports the tourism sector. The Vision for Dubai has been established by the government setting it as the World Leader in business and tourism in 2021. The Vision is absolutely suiting for Dubai, as the city is built to attract tourists.

The new amusements coming up continuously, yet the “old” landmarks and authentic places are holding tourists’ attention with the same strong ties. UAE has so many amusements that it will never be enough to discover all of them. On top of all, the local hospitality and culture add more flavor.

Having turned half of 2020, now the tourism business in UAE is rising fast and strong with the support from the government and with the help of numerous business-recovery programs from institutions. It is expected to be one of the leading areas to flourish and it is time now to consider opening your own tourism business in UAE. Do not be late, as other entrepreneurs have started already.

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