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Key Reasons Why the UAE is Leading in Technology

July 14, 2020

The Middle East has an estimated 350 million people under the age of 24 and the use of technology is part of their daily routine. Unlike the older population, youngsters use mobile smartphones literally for everything. In addition, the Middle East region has the highest mobile penetration in the world. 65% of the population are active internet users, which offers a large client base for technology solutions launching into the region.

UAE is one of the top countries in the ME, has already proven as the most advanced in the technology sector. The government is committed to innovation, putting it at the cornerstone of every activity and making it a priority for the next decade’s development plans. In addition, the high proposition of high net worth individuals, a dynamic business community, world-class infrastructure, superior communications networks, – all these factors are working on behalf of UAE.

What I love about my country, is the fact that it has the incredible opportunity to develop itself as a digital-first region and.. the opportunities are directed wisely.

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