Have a Business in Dubai? Watch Your License Carefully

March 23, 2020

For the business owners and especially start-ups, who are 1 year after your License and are due to renew the license. Please don’t think twice and manage all government fees to be duly paid on time to avoid getting yourself into trouble with the authorities and undoing all your hard work.

An expired business license can get your company heavily fined. A business that is found working with an expired license is also liable for fines up to five thousand dirhams (AED 5,000). Further adding another two hundred and fifty dirhams (AED 250) if the Company repeatedly fails to renew their expired license and the subsequent documentation within the defined time.

Other backdrops are: placing your organization in the line of unnecessary financial risk will most certainly make you look careless, unreliable and unprofessional; your company can be blacklisted:

Being blacklisted not only include having restrictions placed on all kinds of operations, such as:

  • The Company will not be allowed to participate in any business proceedings.
  • Visa could be annulled with a ban on travel.
  • Sponsors could break away from your Company, leaving you in a lurch.
  • The owner, managers, shareholders and directors in some cases could even be deported from the UAE.

You don’t have to panic just yet, as there may be some good news.

Approach my company is case you require an advice and helping hand on the above.


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