Dubai Economy is Back to Regular Life

June 30, 2020

Walking through The Dubai Mall, one of the biggest malls in the world, I have been positively shocked at the large number of visitors. The mall was crowded and sometimes I had to maneuver through a group of tourists or locals. All my favorite restaurants and cafés had literally no free chair to sit at. In many, you would need to place yourself on a waiting list and come back after an hour or two.

Summer discounts season has started and many shoppers looked like a Christmas trees with colorful numerous bags around them. The total ambience of the place was happy and excited! If not paying attention to the face masks, you would never remember corona virus or a pandemic time we all went through.

I have spotted some new fancy places to visit for the next time, as some new shops have opened recently. After spending a number of hours in The Dubai Mall, the time flew unnoticed but overall ambience of the place made me happy to see my city is back to usual life.

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