VISA Steps To Check While Hiring Employee | VISA Process

November 11, 2019

No matter the size of the business, or nature of the business, one aspect that all businesses cringe for is HIRING new employees. Hiring is a business perquisite that is ever so essential, and even more so for startups as it can work for or against any business startup before it even takes off from the ground.

A successful hiring process can be a propeller to tremendous business growth whereas an unsuccessful hiring process can be a deadweight for businesses just coming into light.

In the UAE, getting the right person for the job although a seamless process can be marred if you don’t follow the visa application process. The visa application process is a straightforward process, but incomplete or inaccurate information can lead to visa rejections and delays, and that can be bad for your startup.

As a way of helping you navigate the visa application process, we’ve provided this Checklist of overseeing the admin of your first hire.

Register for E-Channel Services

The registration process for free Zone business is straightforward. All that is required is to get in touch with your authorized typing center or free Zone agent and have them register your company for online services. There is a compulsory registration fee of AED 2,500 and an AED 5,000 refundable security deposit that comes with the registration process. Mainland companies can carry out the entire registration through the E-channel website.

Apply For the Entry Permit

Getting an employment visa or entry permit is the next point of action. The process can be fast-tracked by paying a fee of AED 1,000, and the permit will be ready within 7 working days. As soon as the permit is ready, it will be emailed to you. It is essential that your employee doesn’t leave the UAE until the process is completed so as not to lead to any delay in the application process

Activate the Entry Permit

The next step is to activate the entry permit. This act is known as a status change, and it must be done before your new hire can be issued a UAE visa. The status change process can be done, in three ways; out of the country, in-country, and border run. The in-country method is recommended for your new hire, and it only cost AED 750 and takes within 5 days to process.

Medical Test and Registration For Emirates ID

The next stage for your new intake is medical testing. It’s a fast process that takes a couple of hours, and the results are out in a few days. When the results are made available, the next thing to do is to register for the new Emirates ID card. The three-year ID card comes at AED 370

Obtaining Residency Stamp

Getting your new hire’s passport stamped is what this last stage of the application process entails. The relevant immigration authority has to stamp the passport with a seal of approval to validate it. It takes a maximum of 15 days to get the stamp, and in that time, your employee cannot leave the country. At the collection of the passport, your new hire has a certified UAE visa

Ensure you carry out all of these processes, to ensure your new hire has the best of experience working in the UAE

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