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June 23, 2019

Many foreign citizens and business owners come to the United Arab Emirate because of its attractiveness in several points of view. Obtaining a residence visa in the UAE is an easy process, because of the newer online procedure appointed by the government. A person can easily apply for a UAE residence visa as long as they meet the requirements.

There are many advantages of having a residence in UAE, among these the best part is the flexibility of the taxation system and high living standards, business development, clean environment, political stability and expanding the economy. Some companies also sponsor their employee’s and families for residence in the emirates. A Dubai residence visa can be obtained by following several ways. Here’s a brief guide on how you can get residence visa Dubai.

Dubai, A place of Fiscal Oasis

Apart from having the world most expanding economy, the main attraction of working and living in the UAE is its lack of taxes. In Dubai, There is no Withholding tax, income tax, social security contributions, capital gain tax or many of the other taxes. Likewise, there are many free zones companies that are further protected by the taxation system.

To obtain a residence Visa in the UAE, an expat must register for a NIC (National Identity card) and undergo certain blood and medical checks. If you’ve applied for a work permit then the authorities would check your qualifications or skills in the particular field.

A Change in the System

As of March 2016, the immigration process has been completely changed. First, you have to visit the immigration department physically in order to apply for a UAE visa. Now, because of the initiative of the UAE vision system, the entire process can be applied online. There are typing centers introduced in the Gulf where you have to submit your required documents with Emirate ID Authority and Immigration Department.

UAE Residence Visa, Things to Remember Before Applying

  • A UAE and GCC National cannot obtain Residence Visa.
  • A foreign citizen is required to obtain a residence permit
  • Any UAE register company can sponsor a UAE residence visa, along with the work permit
  • A residence visa can be used to open a bank account, register a car, shopping in the emirate, obtain a driving license and much more.

Dubai Residence Visa Requirements

In order to obtain a UAE residence visa, one must have a local sponsor who must fulfill certain conditions. Residence visa in Dubai can be acquired by:

  • Opening a company in Dubai

The most convenient way of getting a residence visa is opening a company in the UAE. The process for business persons are straight forward and doesn’t require many documents. Because all the verifications are completed at the time of company registration. Moreover, it is not necessary that a company should perform in the UAE premisses. It can also operate in other regions too.

  • Employment with a Dubai Company

For this, you first need an employment visa. After this, all your legal documents are handled by your employer. An employment residence visa can also be applied from the Dubai Free Zone Authority.

  • Purchasing a Property

Upon purchasing a property of at least 1 Million Dirhams, you can obtain a residence visa in the UAE. The time period for such a residence permit is 2 years.

Documents Required for Dubai Residence Visa

  • Passport size photograph
  • Copy of passport
  • A bank statement
  • Children birth certificate, if relevant
  • An Employment Contract
  • Passport copies of spouse and kids, if relevant
  • Passport copy of the sponsor’s
  • A tenancy contract, if relevant
  • Marriage certificate, if relevant

Additionally, the fee for each type of residence visa is different.

The Process of Getting Residence Visa

  • Gather all the required documents
  • Visit the official typing center
  • Submit all your documents to the authorities
  • The typing center will type all your basic information
  • The typing center will then approve immigration
  • You will receive SMS notification of your application approval
  • A courier will collect your passport
  • Visit the immigration department with your PRO to get a visa, if relevant

Types of Residence Visa in the UAE

  • New Employment Visa

An Employment visa is used to enter the UAE and is considered as a precursor for obtaining a Residence permit. If an immigrant comes to the UAE, he/she must have a valid Emirate ID and good conduct certificate from the home country.

  • Mission Visa

This is a 90 days visa, that allows individuals to work for a company. Do not compare a Temporary Work Permit (TWP) with Mission Visa. A TWP is just a work permit, not a type of visa. A mission visa is obtained from the Ministry of Labour (MOL).

  • House Maid Visa

You can employ a housemaid in the UAE if your salary is more then 8000 AED. There are some pre-conditions that you must follow in order to employ a housemaid. For instance, you must be a married person with your wife living in the house. Your maid’s nationality can be only Ethiopian, Indian, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

  • Relative Residence Visa

You can sponsor your Blood relative, for instance, Brother, sister, parents, parents-in-law etc. A special application is required in this case.

  • Student Residence Visa

A fulltime college student can get a UAE residence visa, upon renewal of visa every year. Note that colleges or Universities students can apply for a residence visa, not High or grade school students.

  • Residence Visa for Wife and Children

If your family is living outside the UAE then, you first need to apply for an entry residence visa. You can sponsor your daughter and Sons as long as they are not married and 18 years of age. On the other hand, a wife can also sponsor their children and husband. If you’re working in the medical or teaching sector then your salary should be more then 4000 AED and if you’re working on any other sector then your salary should be more then 8000 AED. Plus special permission is required from DNRD (Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai).

Expiry of UAE Residence Visa

Residence visas are not canceled automatically when they expire, instead, they become invalid. This usually happens after the expiry date or if you stay outside the UAE for 180 days.

5 Years Residence Visa Dubai

After retirement, a foreign citizen will be allowed to stay for a longer period of time in the UAE. The cabinet on the recent meetup adopted a resolution to support the economy of the country by reducing fees for electricity consumption for small, medium and larger organizations.


“We launched today an initiative to support the industry sector and to affirm UAE’s position on the global map as an attractive investment destination that provides an integrated environment for growth and sustainability,” His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum said.”


The 5 years residence visa will be provided to the foreign citizens of age 55 years(retired) old. The expat should specify the following conditions:

1: Investing in a property worth 2 Million AED, or,

2: Have savings of more than 1 Million AED, or,

3: Have an active monthly income of 20,000 AED.

How to obtain a Residence Visa in the UAE?

It is necessary to provide a copy of passport and other documents for obtaining a residence permit. In some cases, additional documents are required such as utility bills, bank statement, proof of property for current residence. Depending upon your case, it will take 2-3 weeks to process all the documents. After this, you and your family can receive a residence permit in Dubai.

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Dubai Residence Visa FAQs

What is the minimum needed to apply for Dubai Residence Visa?

The minimum salary requirement for residence visa range from 3000 AED to 10,000 AED.

What are the documents required for UAE good conduct certificate?

  • A valid Emirates Identity card
  • An active Email Address

How long can I stay in the UAE?

Upon certain requirements, a person can stay in the UAE for a period of 30 days to 5 years.

What is the health check in the UAE?

After entry, the applicants need to go to a government hospital for a medical check. The medical check includes Chest X-ray for HIV, Tuberculosis, Blood Test, Hepatitis B-C, Syphilis and Leprosy.

How to get a 5 year UAE residence Visa?

UAE 5 year residence visa is only available for retiree person having an age of 55 years old under the following conditions.

  • 2 Million investment in a property, or,
  • 1 Million savings, or,
  • 20,000/month active income.

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