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30 Profitable Business Opportunities in Dubai with low Investment

June 19, 2020

This is it ? This is what you wanted? Starting a business in Dubai with small investment, right? We got you covered. Dubai is known as the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates and it has a helpful and beneficial economy for business investment purposes. Here, we explore the current economy overview for small business in Dubai and put forward a list of 30 legitimate small business investment opportunities in Dubai for you.

1. Clothing:

Most of us have knowledge about the garment and clothing industry is looking for trending and profitable garments business ideas in setting up. The clothing across-the-board supply is enlarging worldwide in all the sectors of the industry, whether it be men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids wear or infant wear so the future holds success either way due to the increased fashion consciousness globally. These business opportunities can be started on a small-scale basis and also a part-time basis.

2. Real estate:

Real estate business is one the leading business across Dubai. This industry roughly covers the rental areas, capital market, and local housing etcetera. Dubai has the tallest buildings around the world and the commercial and residential properties both has profitable outcome.

3. Hotel Business:

Dubai is the one of the most visited place in world, so starting a hotel business looks an ideal option. Visitors require a place to stay and hotels are always in demand. With proper research of the migrants and the areas where they plan to stay, so Dubai is giving a great opportunity to grow a business.

4. E-Commerce:

This sector has improved in the recent years. The thing that is on our favor, is that, Dubai has a various population and various taste due to which an industry like E-commerce will last for a long run.

5. Travel agency:

Dubai is a heaven for tourists. It has developed as a powerful industry with an economic impact of around 6.5 trillion U.S dollars worldwide! And with every year, it keeps on growing. Hence choosing travel agency business can be a money-making option.

6. Advertising agency:

It sure is a tricky business to go for but once you have gotten the hold of it, there is nothing but profit here. Decide the type of advertising agency you want to start or the services you plan to offer. Let one of your services be seen as a leading example for the rest.

7. Transportation:

The opportunities range from trans-city transport services to local taxi services. You can start up a transportation business because economy is expected to grow further in upcoming years so transportation business will be in favor one way or another.

8. Education Department:

With the rapid growth in population, this a golden opportunity as demands for schools and colleges would be put forward. The main requirement for this set up are certifications, licenses, and infrastructure after that you are good to go.

9. Courier Business:

Delivery department can help you raise money easily. With the right transport and communication tool, you can run your own little business. Time is the key to success here.

10. Day Care Business:

This can be a good option to go after as there is a high rate of working couples. Not to forget, day care has much more to do than just taking care of the child but creating a pleasant environment to learn too.

11. Entertainment:

Entertainment business is a glamorous industry and as far as Dubai is in the picture, it welcomes all sorts of entertainment thus being successful in this business with right amount of knowledge and strategy is unavoidable.

12. Restaurants/café:

People dine out a lot in a place like Dubai so restaurants and cafes are likely to bring benefit to the businessperson. However, suitable environment and location of the restaurant matters a lot.

13. Automobiles:

Car business includes car selling, renting or hiring business as well as a car wash system. It’s a great option to start up a business but precautions must be taken at all steps as to where to invest and whom to trust.

14. Cleaning Business:

Depending on the consumers or the commercial you wish to move into, cleaning business is a profitable one. Having a self-owned cleaning agency along with a reliable crew makes this cleaning department one of the productive business ideas in Dubai.

15. Event Management Company:

Owning an event, management can be a perfect business to go for! Dubai, being a strong economic hub, many business exhibitions, workshops and conferences are happening in Dubai all the time. This can only bring benefit and success if handled carefully.

16. Beauty Saloon:

The beauty need of a woman can benefit many businesses. The women at Dubai, never stops to spend their dirham for salons. Just help the women get a breathtaking experience and you are ready to become a brand name in Dubai! In addition, through research should be carried out for the products used in saloons.

17. Jewelry Retailing:

World’s Gold Destination? Yes, Dubai! If you think you can get success in this field, then do not think twice. Invest and make your jewelry line and in no time it will be revolving around the globe.

18.Retail Marketing:

Now, that is a lifetime business. Your search ends with Retail! Starting from marketplace to online retail platforms, all are moving forward at a fast rate. Hence, retail marketing is another effective business idea in Dubai.

 19. Tourism Business:

Dubai is the most visited place around the globe. Millions of tourist visit it over the year. “Ideal tourist destination” won’t be a disappointment at all. Tourism business is one the demanding business in a country like Dubai.

20. Home-Based Cooking Business:

Your passion and love for cooking can unlock many doors to success in home based cooking business for you. It’s low investment with possible greater outcomes.

21. Photography:

So much beauty all around and so many people to experience it and trying to capture it all can be profitable for photographers thus photography can be a great option to go for keeping in mind investment is needed in photography gadgets.

22. Employment Recruitment agency:

Through an online employment agency, we can help a person to reach all the available and qualified employees. Here, we make contacts with big industries and spread awareness and make links all by sitting at home, also if this online agency is a great success we can bring about a physical form of agency with same purposes. This is considered to be the ideal business.

23. Art:

What could be better than combining your passion with profession? All admire Art. So, if you are an artist be it of any sort, start a home-based business and who knows? you would end up owning your own art gallery.

24. Computer Related Business:

Computers are essential in spite the size of the business. This is a digital era; a computer related would never disappoint one.

25. Poultry Farming:

Large and standard scale poultry farming is a beneficial business in Dubai. Marketing, sales and distribution staff and some even retail directly is a part of this business.

26. Vending Machine Business:

A simple machine that contains food and beverages but this simplicity has brought the vending industry to become most profitable sectors in the entire planet. All you need to do is buy the machine set up its system and choose the workable location and that is it! Money would be on your way.

 27. Security Agency:

Privacy is necessary for any individuals or businesses, so by deducing secured protection, you can go for a security agency. However, before proceeding with this business idea in Dubai, you need to ensure that you inquire about the area and the type of privacy required. Things can get risky at times.

28. Fitness Agency:

Since people in Dubai give a high priority to health and fitness, if you have, what it takes to form a fitness agency, the proper knowledge and that enthusiasm. You are going to ace this business idea!

29. Electronic Business:

Too high priced electronic gadgets are often left unbought so this is your chance to make some change, good electronics with reasonable prizes also having a variety under one roof so buyers would know they are exactly where they should be. This can prove to be the best business idea.

30. Equipment Lease Business:

Last but not the least. Give things out on the lease! Starting may turn out to be slow but dawn will come. Start off with heavy machineries, it would require a little investment but it will be worth it. Thus, lease business is the most reliable business there is.


The formation and set up is summarized below:

  • Registering Your Company Name
  • Acquiring a Business License
  • Completing the Visa Processes
  • Opening a Bank Account

When we are talking about company set up, costs are; Company Registration Fee – Starting from 17500 AED onwards. A registration is a one-time payment made to the free zone authority at the initial stage of registering a business. Startup costs are the expenses incurred during the process of creating a new business. Pre-opening startup costs include a business plan, research expenses, borrowing costs, and expenses for technology. Post-opening startup costs include advertising, promotion, and employee expenses. The cost differs according to the company type.

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