UAE: Support For Businesses During Corona Pandemic

April 18, 2020

UAE has taken unprecedented measures to keep the country safe at all levels, reaching out to everyone at every level, meeting personal needs to all residents. To keep safe – means not only to protect from the Covid19, – it also means financial support, future proof and protection for the after-crisis rehabilitation period.

Adding to many examples, Majid Al Futtaim, which operates 27 shopping malls across the Middle East and North Africa region, has waived rent fees for its tenants for the duration of the Covid-19 government mandated store closures. The company is keen to help retailers retain working capital while the shopping malls are closed, to ensure that they are in a strong position to provide customers with unforgettable shopping experiences once malls reopen. If the UAE’s 24-hour lockdown is not renewed on April 19, shopping malls are expected to gradually open.

The country currently has 4,521 confirmed virus cases, with 852 recoveries and 25 deaths, but has stepped up testing in the past few days, having conducted an additional 22,000 tests and opened a total of 14 drive-through testing facilities with the ability to test up to 7,100 people daily.

In total, the country has the capacity to conduct 10,000 tests daily, including at hospitals and out-patient clinics.

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