Trends UAE: Most Shoppers Do All Their Buying Online

April 16, 2020

With the weeks of quarantine, travelling restrictions, remote work, shopping habits have changed drastically. Today, the whole of shopping is now taking place within the confines of homes.

The products demand has changed as well. Most of the residents has no need for office attire, accessories and related products. With the absence of formal events or wedding receptions, the buying of clothes has seized to minimum.

For residents, who are mostly staying in 4 walls, it is either food, branded tech products: electronics, gadgets, workout equipment and health supplements or games/hobby goods that are on the top demand list now. The demand has increased so fast, that many online shops went “out of stock”.  In fact, since the government mandated lockdown measures, some retailers report that their online orders have surged threefold in March compared to last year. This has led to online products seeing price increases in March and April.

As for retailers, the expectation is that most shoppers will continue buying online even after authorities deem it safe to remove traveling restrictions. Once the time is appropriate to attend shops and shoppers are fully reassured the virus is over and there is no chance for the second wave, they unlikely rush to the shops. Most shoppers, once converted to online, will continue to buy online and reduce attendance to retailers.

Considering their next move, most retailers plan to shift online for the upcoming end-of-Ramadan promotions. Most advanced, such as Dubai Mall, has already opened a “virtual store” on

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