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Support Plan for Tourism Companies

June 07, 2020

Covid pandemic has caused businesses to go through uncertain and dificult times. However, since the beginning of pandemic, UAE government has been supporting all types of businesses, starting from SMEs to large companies. Numerous initiatives, programmes have been developed to support businesses through governmental and semi-governmental bodies.

As an example, The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been actively supporting the private sector, ensuring business continuity, and organising meetings with its business committees to explore the current needs of key economic sectors throughout the challenging months of corona.

After series of interviews with businessmen, market analysis and research, it has been identified, that tourism sector is facing major challenges, especially after the suspension of their activities. The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry initiated a dialogue with relevant authorities, in order to develop appropriate strategies and help draft an emergency plan to help tourism companies and ensure the continuity of their business. Currently The Chamber is developing a proposal to support internal tourism while respecting the precautionary and preventive measures that aim to protect public health.

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