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June 17, 2020

UAE has been famous for its beneficial packages to open and conduct business. The government has made a lot of efforts to make the business and economic environment to complement startups and aspiring entrepreneurs specifically. The country offers attractive business eco-systems to operate and has been one of the most desired destinations to start own business according to numerous reports.

To me, people are split into two categories: entrepreneurs and “these who work under supervision, but dream to be entrepreneurs”. Jokes apart, I believe every person can start a business in Dubai and become successful.

I have seen so many great examples, that I am absolutely sure that UAE is unique country! You are deemed to success here. Yes, you have to work relentlessly, and the more experience, knowledge, skills you have – so more advantages are coming on your way to success. I have seen many people started business from zero and succeeded, the only thing they regret is that they did not start earlier. Today, being their own bosses, holding paperwork and assets in their own hands – they depend on themselves, not on the bosses they reported to.

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