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Phase-Wise Reopening of Business Activities in the Emirates

July 08, 2020

Following the recent reopening of malls and restaurants in UAE, the various recreational activities, including summer camps, spa and massage centres and indoor theme parks have been opened to numerous customers recently. The safety measures, however, were increased. Emirates remain safe in terms of covid pandemic, allowing businesses to operate and maintain the economy further.

As the second stage now, recreation activities that include fun fairs, facilities offering rides, soft play facilities, indoor playground and adventures, inflatable playgrounds, virtual reality facilities, edutainment facilities, facilities offering interactive entertainment activities, arcades and escape rooms will reopen. However, parties and social gatherings will not be allowed and baby and toddler soft play areas will not open until further notice.

The strict safety measures are in place at all times. Face masks and social distancing remains mandatory measure, everyone who enters social premises undergoing a quick check for temperature.

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