Is Working From Home A New Normal?

May 02, 2020

There are many positive outcomes alongside the battle with corona virus.

Working from home proved to be not that bad thing as HR and CEOs picturized. Before corona, office workers who could always be as productive at home as in office, were forced by top management to be in office on time and not a minute later mostly due to control and discipline procedures.

Now, the cultural shift happened. Top Management had it proven – work from home can be productive, and the problem lies not in the “place” of work but the “responsibility” of an individual.

Working from home has proven that a staff can be more productive comparing to office hours where work time is running in casual talks with colleagues or long-hour unnecessary meetings. Time and productivity are two key commodities that should not be taken for granted. That is, spending time in useless meetings is a drag on everyone’s productivity.

Society and work environment has already taken a new shape. Companies’ must adjust to the new reality faster. In order to become leaders, one should grasp opportunities faster. To do that, mentality and “old” views must change as well. As the leaders are these who lead the wave of change and not holding on to the past standards.

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