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June 05, 2020

The number of trademarks renewed in the UAE in the last month exceeded 500, highlighting the significant confidence in the country. Renewed trademarks include brands from major international companies from around the world. Compared to the previous year, it is a 15% increase in the number of trademarks for the companies that made the UAE a headquarters for their businesses.

The UAE vision is focused on nurturing businesses, especially startups. The country’s government is keen to provide an ideal business environment for investors and has established top-class facilities and effective infrastructure, making it among the most attractive countries both regionally and internationally.

During recent months, the number of new businesses that started their operations has remained at the usual levels. The UAE’s retail sector has attracted many major global companies and over 63 related trademarks have been registered in the country, enabling it to outpace several prominent countries in commercial activities, including the UK and Germany.

For the past 10 years, my company has been helping investors and entrepreneurs to open new businesses in the UAE. I must say, the number of incoming requests has not seized, only redirected. Would you like to know more? Please reach out to me via messages and let’s talk through peculiarities and strategies of business in the UAE.


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