How to Open A Bank Account in Dubai?

June 23, 2020

Are you already tired of filling unusual forms on different websites for opening a bank account?
Haven’t you open any bank account in Dubai, yet?
Are you a newcomer to town?
Whether you belong to this city or not, you will be acknowledged by the procedure of opening one, how? We will help you out but need your favor to stop the anxiety right there and move along with the article. You need to follow some easy steps and procedures, and you’re all done. Let’s move ahead!

Whether you own a business or work just as an employee, you can easily open a bank account in Dubai. Only one thing is there which makes a difference, but it won’t be an obstacle for sure. Business owners must maintain the balance minimally, nevertheless, an employee does not! If you are a resident or a non-resident, you will get to know what requirements are mandatory.

Why you should open a bank account in Dubai?

Sometimes people ask why do we need to open a bank account as if you are earning every month, where would you get to receive your salary or payment? An account is the only option left even if you are an employee or a business owner in order to keep your money safe and sound. Here you get to know why?

  • Security

The first and foremost benefit is security! Your money is much safer when it is in an account instead of saving it at home. You won’t be able to waste much but save it for later necessities.

  • Easy Transaction

A bank account plays a significant role in receiving and sending the payment to that particular person. You don’t have to bother to visit your boss for receiving the salary. It will save you time and make your life easy.

  • Debit and credit cards

It is much more comfortable and easier to pay through cards rather than carrying cash which is less secure. Moreover, reliability is always there for you even if you do it online or offline.

What documents are required?

If you are living in Dubai or if you have just landed in here, you might want to open a bank account, why? It is mandatory for your safe and easy life, or if you have just visited and planning to stay a bit longer, you should open a foreign account just in case you might want more cash as needed.

There are so many benefits that would force you to open an account in Dubai with the emirate’s extensive financial resources and secure government. Few documents are required for this purpose.

For Residents:

If you are a resident in Dubai, you require less information than a non-resident. Once you have submitted the required documents, you are all set to open an account in Dubai. Either it is a current or saving account. Follow the steps given below:

Select the Bank:

You may come across plenty of famous banks in Dubai, such as Mashreq Bank, Standard Chartered, Emirates NBD, and Citibank, etc. Depending upon a salary account and business account.

Salary Account:

It’s better to open a salary account in a bank to which your company is working with, so it would be easy for you to collect your payment right after it is credited.

Business Account:

If you are about to open a business or personal bank account in Dubai, you must have to maintain a minimum balance each month, consider it a requirement of some banks.

Choose an account type:

When you opt for a bank to open an account, whether it is saving or current account, you must decide one. In order to withdraw money anytime anywhere, or for salary transactions then-current account is going to work for you. Meanwhile, In terms of saving money, you must opt for saving accounts allowing limited transactions.

The minimum salary is required to open an account in Dubai is AED 3000.

Documents required for Residents

You must have:

  • A certificate of salary
  • Identity card issued by Emirates
  • Passport along with a copy
  • A copy of the Emirates applied application if you haven’t had an ID card yet.

For Non-Resident

There are certain circumstances and limitations for non-residents if they are willing to open a bank account in Dubai. Although it’s non of a big concern to have limitations, some banks only offer them to have a savings account and not a current one. Cheque books will not be given but the card will be issued for cash withdrawing and purposes.

Documents Required for Non-resident:

A non-resident should have these below documents or you cannot be eligible enough. You must have:

  • Your passport with some extra copies and passport-sized pictures
  • A no-objection letter either you are an employer or a sponsor
  • Your visa copy if you are a new resident in the United Arab Emirates
  • A document manifesting the name of your employer and the given amount of salary
  • An ID card issued by Emirates or a copy of the application
  • A current utility paid bill receipt
  • A signed contract for confirming your address
  • A recommended letter from another bank of your home county

These are the things which may be demanded by other banks, solely depends on their requirements. If you are a resident, what sort of documents you need to submit? Or if you are a non-resident, vice versa. You must be qualified enough before opening an account in Dubai. Submit the required documents and get yourself done while opening one.


Nothing’s going to stop you to open a personal bank account in Dubai even if you are a resident or a non-resident, you must have all the documents as per requirements for a particular bank. Save your time and make things easy for yourself, whether open a Current or a savings account.

For better security, easy transactions as well as cash withdrawal, you will get everything in here. We always stand a step ahead to help our customers so you can rely on us anytime!

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