How Businesses Can Leverage Digital Transformation and AI?

May 04, 2020

Digital Transformation is making a new leap and Artificial Intelligence marks a new industrial revolution.

UAE AI strategy has been outlined, with the current projects and missions of the country published on the government website with the following key directions:


  1. The full integration of artificial intelligence into medical and security services.
  2. Leverage AI to save 50 per cent in annual government cost.
  3. Train one million+ people in artificial intelligence.
  4. Accomplishing these missions will without doubt have major positive consequences on the economy.


Businesses have to start getting ready, because the technology will only develop, while some businessmen mistakenly consider it as a bubble to burst.

Consider following steps to be prepared and use technology for the benefit of your business:


  1. Conduct a training for employees on how to leverage AI with data to increase profit, maximize the efficiency of business process, improve customer service and innovate to beat the competition.
  2. Outsource a reliable consultant to develop AI solutions for your business.
  3. Watch out technology trends and solutions in your industry. Appoint a responsible staff to monitor market news and share the knowledge with wider team.
  4. Hold meetings with relevant agencies – they may advice great solutions for your business based on their expertise. One day, the will help to implement.


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