Free Rent for UAE Retail Shops? Yes or No?

March 03, 2020

Dubai is famous for its nurturing business environment, specifically for start-ups. It is very important for a starting business to have profitable growth as fast as they can. Globally, the average time for a startup to become profitable is 3 or more years. However in UAE the environment has been created to benefit startups and most of the businesses here become profitable in the first 1 or 2 years, doubling revenues with every upcoming year.

Adding to the business environment, rentals are dropping. Rental payments usually hold the major part of expenses, followed by salary costs.  With low interest rates and rents dropping, UAE is to ensure that starting business has got what they need to succeed in their early years.

Some entrepreneurs are floating ideas for a rent-free spots for retail startups, at least for a few months at the beginning – to test their ideas of a shop and should they succeed, to make a partnership deals. Such an arrangement is a win-win for both the retail operators and the SMEs. Later on, those SMEs could easily become long-term tenants, creating their own kind of traffic unlike traditional shops with branches in every single small.

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