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Ejari Registration Dubai | Documents Required for Ejari Registration Dubai

October 29, 2019

There are many complexities while moving to another country. In terms of visa, education, accommodation and more. One of the most important amongst these is residency. It can be a place where you live or a place where you perform your business activities. One term that is highly popular in real estate related activities is Ejari in Dubai. It is made for the expats, that are unfamiliar with local laws in Dubai.

What is Ejari?

Ejari is an Arabic word for “My Rent”, which is a system introduced by the government of the UAE to handle the registration procedure of each tenancy contract within Dubai. The Ejari system in Dubai is a part of RERA initiative which states that all the rental contracts in Dubai have to be registered via the Ejari portal online. It is build to protect tenants and landlords. Once you’re registered in the portal, you will receive your unique Ejari number which is mandatory to receive your water, internet, electricity and phone connections.

How to register Ejari?

There are two ways that you can follow to register for Ejari.

  • Online – Through Ejari portal
  • Offline – Approved service centers

Ejari requirements for both systems are the same. To register online, you have to provide all the documentation in a soft-copy. To register offline, you’ve to provide all the physical copies of your documentation.

Documents Required For Ejari Registration

  • Tenant’s Passport, Emirates ID and UAE Visa
  • Tenant’s Contract
  • Title deeds of the rental property
  • Landlords passport
  • Recent connection receipt
  • Trade License (For commercial)

Procedure for Ejari Registration

Once you’ve submitted all your documents, now you’ve to make the appointed payment. Payment varies for both online and offline procedure. After the payment, it will take the next 2-3 days to process your registration. Once verified, you will receive your official Ejari contract, comprised of your payment history, acknowledgment, and all the main terms and conditions.

For every new tenancy contract in Dubai, an Ejari registration is compulsory. Here are a few things that mandate this contract:

  • Television, Telephone or internet connection
  • Residence visa, New and renewal application
  • Commercial license
  • Employment of domestic staff
  • Acquiring a liquor license
  • Electricity and water connection

Apart from this, there are several other benefits of having an Ejari system. As a rental, you can request a thorough background check on the landlord to see all the historical data and arrangements. There’s no room for fraud in Ejari system, as it ensures a smooth system between tenants and landlords.

Ejari Registration FAQ’s

Who is Responsible for Ejari Registration?

Both tenants and landlords are responsible for Ejari registration. Usually, it is the agency that bears the associated costs.

How can I renew my Ejari Registration?

You can either renew your registration online through Ejari online portal or by visiting your nearest service center.

How often should I renew Ejari?

It needs to be done every time a new tenancy contract is made by both parties. For new Ejari registration, the procedure is all the same.

When should I cancel my Ejari registration?

It is the responsibility of the landlord to cancel the Ejari registration as soon as your tenant moves out. To cancel it, just visit your nearest Ejari office in Dubai and submit your Old Ejari contract along with the cancellation letter or NOC.

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