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Dubai Trade License Renewal Fees | General Trading License Fee

December 17, 2019

A business trade license is a mandatory requirement for every business entity to run their operation in the UAE. If you want to start your business in Dubai, then you should first consider all the licensing procedures and governmental permits. Every business license in the UAE needs to be renewed every year.

To do this, a lease agreement is required (Ejari) from your office. With the advancement of business opportunities in the region, the UAE government has allowed old companies to renew their licenses through a Co-working agreement.

Dubai trade license must be renewed after every one year to avoid any kind of conflict. A trade license in Dubai is a legal certificate that allows a businessman or investor to carry out their business activities in the region.

Any organization involved in other activities which are not mentioned in their license is illegal in the country.

Why Trade License is Required in the UAE?

  • A trade license identifies you and your business enterprise
  • With a trade license, your business can take part in other commercial activities
  • It allows you to participate in profitable governmental measures
  • It provides public health and ensures safety through a procedural measure

Types of Trade Licenses available in Dubai?

Acquiring a trade license in Dubai depends on your nature of business. There are mainly 4 types of business licenses offered by the Department of Economic Development.

  1. General Trade License
  2. Commercial Trade License
  3. Industrial Trade License
  4. Professional Trade License

Steps to Renew Trade in Dubai

  • BR/1 Form Typing
  • Renewed Tenancy Contract – Ejari
  • Apply for renewal of the license in DED
  • Final submission of renewed Dubai Trade License

The renewal process:

You can renew your company trade license by following the process provided below by choosing DED’s online and offline options.

Step 1:

First of all, make sure your tenancy contract is valid for at least one month from the date of your application.

Step 2:

Put forward your application and complete all the requirements required from the DED service center.

Step 3:

Collect your challan form from the DED and process your fee.

Once the payment is completed, the process is completed and you’re ready to collect your renewed trade license in Dubai within three to four working days.

General Trading License Renewal Fees in Dubai UAE

After making the payment as per the process provided above, DED will issue you a renewed trade license with a validity of one year. As per the renewal fees, it varies for every trade license. A business trade license in Dubai will cost you around 15,000 AED to 50,000 AED. The renewal process will cost you around 8000 AED to 15,000 AED.

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