Dubai Sky Pods

February 26, 2020

Dubai would never settle for something less than being Number One, making it’s citizens the part of ongoing futuristic projects that blooming in the city in every area. Be it a business or social developments, Dubai sets example for the rest of the world! To keep up this ambitious vision, just a few days ago Dubai Roads and Transport authority (RTA) has signed an agreement with UK-based BeemCar Ltd to develop sky pods, a futuristic urban mobility scheme. RTA revealed that the system operates on steel wheels moving on suspended rails.

There are several models developed. The first model of the Dubai Sky Pod project was displayed during last year’s World Government Summit in Dubai. Named Unibike, sky pods can accommodate up to five riders and can travel at a maximum speed of 150km/hr and carry about 20,000 people per hour. The second model planned is the Unicar, designed to carry passengers for a distance up to 200km and accommodate up to six riders travelling at a maximum speed of 150km/h, supporting about 50,000 riders per hour.

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