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Dubai Shopping Malls and Businesses are Open Now

June 09, 2020

While the strict rules are at full force in UAE to wear face masks, observe physical distancing, maintain frequent hand washing and using hand sanitiser are still in place at all times, UAE and specifically Dubai is coming back to life as it was before COVID.

The working hours for malls and businesses must fall within the hours permitted for public movement, which are currently between 6am and 11pm in Dubai. Other key measures are:

  • Private sector employees suffering from respiratory conditions and those with compromised immunity are being advised to continue working remotely;
  • Temperature screening of employees, visitors and customers, and provision of an isolation room for suspected cases is a must;
  • Companies must restrict the number of employees allowed to be present in the pantry at any given time.

For malls, guidelines include:

  • Frequently sterilising all facilities and common areas in malls;
  • Providing sanitisers across the mall and its entrances;
  • Screening people’s temperature at entrances to identify suspected cases and take necessary measures.

All shopping malls are required to provide a dedicated room to isolate suspected cases in accordance with protocols. The government will ensure the safety for its people and tourists, so all public places will be monitored to ensure these guidelines are followed. Violators are to face fines. However, the wide campaign to inform people on current state for corona virus situation, as well precautions, help and support from government provided in any possible way. Which leaves the virus no chance and made speedy recovery for economy possible.


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