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Dubai is Set to Soft Mobility

March 07, 2020

Within a short period of time, Dubai will complete the initial phase of a master plan for “soft mobility” to sustain the status of a smart city. Soft mobility refers to non-conventional transport such as shared bicycles and on-demand buses.

The move is part of Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority ‘First and Last-Mile Strategy’, where First and Last-Mile journeys are defined as the first or last part of a journey leading to, or nearest to, a public transport mean.

These journeys include bus-on-demand, smart rental cars, scooters, electric bikes, walking, cycling, and others. The strategy aims to integrate soft mobility with the public transport network, starting with the three residential areas of the city. By 2024, the number of districts covered by soft mobility in Dubai will reach 27.

The city plan includes the provision of cycling lanes, pedestrian crossings, rest areas, shaded areas and routes, landscaping, private rented car parking, bike racks, and pick-up and drop-off points for the people of determination as well.

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