Dubai Holds 5th Place Worldwide As The Best City To Work And Live

March 01, 2020

Dubai keeps on receiving high rankings as the best city in the world for the living and working conditions. To name a few recent awards,

1. The ‘CEO WORLD’ magazine, has ranked Dubai fifth after Singapore, Taipei, Montreal and Lisbon as the best city for expats to live and work in. The poll was based on various factors, such as the cost of living, access to quality healthcare, career opportunities, general friendliness, and ability to raise a family. CEO WORLD polled 127,000 people from 186 cities to rank these cities.

2. UAE was ranked first in the Middle East and 18th worldwide in the global “soft power index”.

3. Based on a poll of 55,000 plus people in 87 countries, UAE was ranked 11th worldwide on global strategic impact.

Dubai is outstanding to start and conduct a business, as it provides numerous growth opportunities, favorable startup environment and possibility to increase revenues at the earliest stages.

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