Combating Covid-19: No fines for expired residency visa-holders until the end of the year

April 14, 2020

UAE has been taking unprecedented measures to fight Covid-19, taking care of literally every person in the country. Swiftly creating complex systems and precautions against the pandemic, UAE stays one of the safest places to reside, where people feel safe and protected. To further support people, the government took the next step and significantly relieved financial situation for people.

As it was announced on Monday, all visas, entry permits and Emirates ID cards will remain valid until the end of 2020, as the country battles the Covid-19 coronavirus. UAE visitors who have remained in the country and their visas expired in early March 2020, will also have their visit visas extended till end of December 2020.

The statement is true for all kinds of visas, including residency visa of expatriates, Emirates ID cards, inside or outside the country and expiring on March 1, to stay valid until the end of the year.

UAE government is receiving many requests from residents and visitors to join their families in their homeland under the current circumstances. The officials are aiming to respond and coordinate all requests. Affirming its absolute commitment to all segments of society, including citizens, residents, and visitors, government is literally working hard to reach out to everyone.

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