Businesses Must Increase Their IT Security

May 06, 2020

With employees working from home, businesses are exposed to additional risks and therefore must consider how their IT systems and profiles may be affected. Since businesses have changed their usual office IT systems to distance work applications, the new structure must be evaluated from the Cyber Security perspective.  As a first step and precautions measures, employers should raise awareness internally and identify and lessen the demands on IT resources.

Increased remote working, new applications, freeware, are presenting more opportunities for cyber-attacks. We are at the start of the journey and businesses who just starting to use remote protocols for work may be a subject to a cyber-attack.

For instance, individuals may log in remotely from their home networks that use less secure hardware. Covid-19 is also increasing the occurrence of phishing and “social engineering” events, with information about the virus used as the hook. It is critical that employers raise awareness about the risks that arise with working from home.

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