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April 16, 2019

Establishing a business is not an easy task, it takes a lot of hard work and countless efforts. Over the past couple of years, the world has witnessed the ever-expanding business opportunity in Dubai, UAE. It is also considered as a business hub for many multinational companies. Its commercial market offers easy and affordable access to the 2 billion consumers market situated in Eastern Europe, West Asia, Africa, Middle East as well as the CIS countries.


Dubai, A Well-Established Economy

Dubai has become one of the favorable economies for many entrepreneurs and job seekers around the globe. If you’re searching for attractive business ideas in the region then you’re on the right path. It is one of the seven emirates in the UAE, that offers state of the art facilities. But why consider Dubai as your business opportunity? Well for starters, the city is well connected to the rest of the world. Its prime location makes it easy to do business with other parts of the world. The second best feature of Dubai is that it offers one of the lowest corporate taxes. There are several mainlands and free trade center that attracts many business organizations to start their operation in this region. On top of this, Dubai is free from political interference and offers friendly investor environment. With well-developed logistical connection and technology, the city attracts many investors.

The leaders in Dubai, especially in the government sector are constantly improving Dubai business opportunities for foreign citizens. They seek to create a sustainable economic model and adopt flexible business approaches. If you’re thinking of starting a business in Dubai, there are enough opportunities for almost every industry in the world. Here is our top list of business opportunity in Dubai that requires low investment.

Business Opportunity in Dubai with low investment

Art and Crafts Making

If you have a crafty mind and wants to earn a decent amount of money, the arts and crafts industry is just for you. Normally people consider this as a Home-based business opportunity but believe us it’s not. You can either work from home and sell your services online or open a physical shop at any location. Craft business ideas include:

  • Art Supplies Store
  • Baby Room Decoration
  • Charcoal Portraits
  • Ceramic Items
  • Craft Supply Store


Dubai is famous for different kinds of fashion clothing. The global textile industry has seen some remarkable changes, so why not try this business idea at the global business hub? Whether its men, women or kids clothing everyone is looking for innovative design and models. The apparel business idea includes:

  • Boutique Store
  • Dry Cleaning Service
  • Fabric Store
  • Fashion Design Institue
  • Garment Manufacturing


We all know where the world is headed, if you’re an experienced person in Digital Marketing then Dubai is the best place for you. An advertisement is an art, build your business on case studies. Provide quality services and behave more holistic consultant. Here is some Advertising business that you can obtain in Dubai.

  • Advertising Consulting
  • Content Developer
  • Event Management Agency
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Public Relation Agency


A person involved in the transportation business earns a decent amount of income in Dubai. This is mainly because of the increasing population of vehicles. Care-care and rental services continue to grow with plenty of opportunities in the future. Here are some Profitable Automobile Business ideas that you should consider.

  • Automobile Car was/Service Station
  • Spare Parts Distribution
  • Driving School
  • Car Rental Services
  • Automobile Mechanic Services

Beauty and Health Care

It is no doubt that beauty and health care is one of the most profitable business in the industry right now. Like any other developed country, the people of the UAE are always anxious about their health routine. This led to an increase in demand for professional Health care specialist and trainers.

  • Beauty/Hair Salon
  • Makeup Artist
  • Beauty Spa/Salon
  • Gym
  • Therapy Clinic


Everyone is looking to start their business in Dubai. Business Setup in Dubai is an easy process but it is better if you consult a professional advisor before going as your own. Consulting business is at its peak right now, because of the ever-expanding economy and state of the art facilities. Everyone is trying to open their business organization in Dubai. Here are some consulting Business Ideas that you should consider.

  • Business Setup consultant
  • Construction Management Consultant
  • Internet Marketing Consultant
  • Public Relationship Agency
  • Training Consultant


Everyone is aware of how eCommerce business works, you sell your services online and reach out to millions of people in other regions of the world. E-commerce is one of the most trending sectors for investments. Here are some famous eCommerce business ideas for you to consider.

  • Sell Digital Product
  • Sell your services online
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Print on Demand Services
  • Dropshipping


Dubai is considered as a global entertainment hub and the broadcasting medium ranges from, TV, radio, music, films, magazines, newspapers, and internet. According to the recent survey, the compound annual growth rate of the entertainment industry has increased productively as compared to the previous 5 years. Here are some entertainment business ideas for you.

  • Amusement Park
  • Film Making business
  • Video Game Arcade
  • Wedding Consulting
  • Print Media

Eco-Friendly Business

Not only in Dubai, but Eco-friendly business is also considered as the prime objective of today. There’s a lot of low competition in this type of business. Apart from this, if you sell services that are Eco-friendly chances are, the  UAE government will personally invest in it. Here are some Green business eco-friendly ideas for you.

  • Eco Consulting
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Fish Farming
  • Organic Food Store
  • E-Waste Recycling

Cooking Business

If you love cooking you should choose it as a profession. You can either start a home-based cooking business or teach other people how to do. The best feature about starting your own cooking business is that it requires low investment. Some cooking business ideas are provided below:

  • Cooking Classes
  • Food Blogging
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Personal Chef
  • Bakery Item Making

IT Industry

IT is a necessity for modern-day business. Almost every nowadays business is involved somehow with the IT industry. Tech business is at the top now and keeps on expanding. The UAE government on the other hand also provides remarkable opportunities for tech-based industries. It is an ever-expanding business, and there is no saying when we see a recession ever. Some IT-based business ideas:

  • Digital Marketing Agency
  • Software/Web Desing and Development Services
  • IT Equipment Services
  • eCommerce Services
  • AI and machine learning Platform

Gas and Oil

Although this is not considered as a low investment business in Dubai, still you can start from a smaller sector. As we all know Dubai has a lot of Oil and Gas repositories. UAE provides a lot of gas and oil to other nations as well. In this sector, success is largely dependent on your understanding of the business. With thoughtful planning, consulting and research, any individual can start a business in the oil and gas sector.

  • Filling Station
  • Oil and Gas Consulting
  • Lubricant Oil Distribution
  • Cooking gas distribution
  • Kerosene Retailing

Real Estate

Property business in Dubai is the most profitable segments to invest. The country is home to skyscrapers, monuments, hotel residential projects, Free Trade Zones, Mainland and commercial real estate. Real Estate industry broadly covers the areas of the capital market, rents, industrial space, domestic housing, and housing space. Here are some Real state business ideas that you should consider.

  • Commercial Real Estate Agent
  • Construction Project Management
  • Interior Designing
  • Property Management
  • Property Maintenance and Restoration

Security Services

One of the most respected fields is a private investigation that grows significantly as compared to last years. Private investigators contribute to Surveillance, Human Resouce, Law Enforcement and Cybercrime. Some profitable business ideas for Security services are

  • Bodyguard Security Services
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Private Investigation Agency
  • Security Gadgets Selling
  • Self Defence Instruction Agency


In recent years, the telecommunication industry has increased at an annual rate of 20%. The increasing life standards make it important for wireless communication, satellites, fiber optics, and the internet provider sectors. The smartphone device connectivity and utilization continue to expand. Here are some business ideas in the telecommunication industry.

  • TV Cable Network Provider
  • Network Equipment and Devices
  • Smartphone selling and Repairing
  • Web service provider
  • Networking Agency


There are countless business opportunities in the transport sector. Dubai is a haven for tourism, and the sector that directly benefits from tourism is transportation. So there are unexhausted opportunities in the transportation business. The ideas range from local taxi services to trans-city transport. Here are some business ideas that will attract you.

  • Car/Bus Rental services
  • Courier Services
  • Logistics Company
  • Travel Agency
  • Carwash services



Hopefully, now you have some idea to Start Your Business in Dubai. Just remember that the list goes on and on. To start a business in Dubai, it is important that you have appropriate information regarding the terms and conditions of the current region. For this purpose, Setup Dubai Business offers you our services. We always welcome individuals that have bright ideas and assist you for the lucrative business destination. Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies for your business
  • Writing your Business Plan
  • Seek for Business Partners, if relevant
  • Agreement for Financial Commitment
  • Leverage Free or Mainland Zones
  • Register and Promote your Business


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