Best Time for Self Development

March 21, 2020

With the world fighting corona virus, UAE has wisely closed all public gatherings and minimized the crowd gathering, businesses allowing to work from home  – this is the best time to set efforts for self-learning. Within the short period of time life will come back to normal. Market will rise even stronger and demand for highly skilled professionals increase. Today, numerous researches show that to deeply know your own profession is good but not enough in case a professional wants to grow in his or her career.

Today’s the challenge is to be able to expand the skills beyond the knowledge that you already have. Taking into account the changes that technology, digital transformation, globalization are bringing to businesses, employers in general are looking for candidates with “specialist skills, industry experience and systems knowledge”.

Today, companies need to adjust to the challenges and opportunities that rise daily in front of their business and faster than ever before, and the need for a meaningful ‘business fit’ for candidates, intensifies. Based on my personal experience my personal advice to is to grow their skills intensely beyond the profession. Start now.

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