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6-Steps To Open a New Company In Dubai

November 16, 2020

Several entrepreneurs and investors have set their eyes on forming a company in #Dubai. Here are the six best steps to follow when you want to start a business in Dubai.
1. Decide your business niche and research your target market thoroughly. Conduct market research and write your business plan on how to structure, run, and grow your company.
2. Choose which economic zone you want to start your company. Two main zones are the mainland and free zone. Specific regulations apply depending on your chosen economic zone.
3. Choose your appropriate company structure. For foreigners, some companies might be required to find a local sponsor who is a #UAE national.
4. Be aware of the registration process, documentation, and the costs involved in every process. This includes registering for a trading name and applying for any applicable license for your business.
5. Arrange all financials involved in your business such as opening a bank account as well as registering for VAT if necessary.
6. Partner with a trusted business consultant. This will help you understand the local market, provide support to ease your business registration processes, and drive your business towards success.
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