5 Signs You Are Closer To Being Your Own Boss

January 07, 2019

If you are waiting for an ideal time to launch your business, then bad news, because such a time will never come. There never be a favorable time to launch your service or your product because the market and economic environment are always changing and fluctuating.

So rather than looking for some external factors to give you a signal that it is time to venture into your business, you can look inwardly at yourself for signs that would indicate you are ready to be your own boss.

The records show that in Dubai, more than 20,00 startups took note of those internal signs and applied for new businesses in the year 2017 alone.

You are itching to know those signs, right?  Well here they are

You’ve learned all you can learn in your current job, and this leads to dissatisfaction

This is usually a common indicator that you should jump ships and carve out something for yourself.

If your skills are being underutilized, or if you’ve learned all you can at your current job, there is no point hanging around, as you won’t attain self-fulfillment and self-actualization. It may be time for you to expand your horizon and start your own line of business. As a rule of thumb, if you know you can do it better than your boss, you ought to be your own boss.

• You have the needed cash

Some of the incentives you receive as an employee are often seen as a poisoned chalice. Some of these perks include; paid vacation, insured health plan, company car and some on.

But all of these are just a bonus for the job you do, and they should not be the reason why you remain in a job you don’t enjoy coming into every Monday morning.
If you’ve been saving up cash, all these years of your employment, and you’ve got yourself prepared for life after all the bonuses, then it means you are more than ready to be your own boss.

• You have a reliable support system that you stick with

The roles of mentors and support systems, in general, cannot be overemphasized. It is rare to find someone go the entire distance in an entrepreneurial race without the help, advice, and support of close advisers, close friends, mentors, and family members.

There encouragement and opinions matter, yes ultimately you have the final say, but their sound counsel can help you make the best decisions.
For those times when fear and worries will engulf you, it is the words of your support system that would spur you on. If you already have a strong support system in place, you are ready to be your own boss.

• You a seasoned expert in your field

Experience counts a lot in every field of life most especially in a startup endeavor if you have acquired a great deal of experience in your field, either through your job or other means, then you in a good place to stand by your own and be your own boss.
Nobody launches any venture without having any experience in it. With all the knowledge and experience you’ve gathered in your field, you can utilize them to carve out your own enterprise.

Don’t make any decision in Isolation though, speak to an expert to help you out. In this Regard, Setup Dubai Business Consultants have Professional Staff that can fulfill all your needs.

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