10 Initiatives To Support The Economy Of The Future

January 29, 2020

Ten initiatives will be launched in the coming period to support the economy of the future and enabling environment that is the best of its kind in the region and globally for business and economy growth in Dubai.

1. Dubai Future Economy Fund, a Dh1 billion fund dedicated to future economy entrepreneurs in Dubai and the region

2. Office of Future Economy Companies, in which an office for future economy companies will be established and tasked with issuing special five-year residency visas, licenses for innovative projects, banking facilities to future economy entrepreneurs, world-class legal services, flexible work spaces, training services and workshops

3. Legislative licenses to innovate and experiment the technologies of the future economy

4. Reduced housing prices for future economy pioneers, housing options at a unit price lesser than Dh3,000

5. A unified platform for financing and consulting future economy entrepreneurs to obtain the funding and consultations necessary to start and expand their activities

6. Under the umbrella of DIFC, a stock exchange allocated for future economy companies will allow them to obtain financing and raise capital in a more flexible system

7. A formation of the largest space for future economy companies’ incubators and accelerators

8. The Future Economy Research Centre

9. A graduating future economy companies from national universities. A programme aimed at encouraging students for the culture of entrepreneurship

10. An international conferences on the economy and companies of the future will see the Dubai Future District host the largest and most important international events

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